Praise for THREE

With an air of myth, an acute sense of irony, and a climactic sex scene you’ll never forget, this savory book will keep a smirk of pleasure smeared across your face at every pithy dialogue, sharp observation, and lyrical turn of phrase.

Monahan uses language beautifully. Everything she attempts to achieve with imagery, allusion, and forays into science and poetry, she achieves.
Cascadia Subduction Zone

There’s really so much to love here. Monahan’s writing is smart and insightful. And funny. Did I mention funny?
THREE is that rare find, a work of literature that keeps you on your toes intellectually but also makes you feel something. It certainly had me examining my own life.
—Blake Fraina, LibraryThing

THREE is the novel I’ve been waiting for. It’s a story as steady and true as a heartbeat, building slowly to a wild storm where utopias turn dystopian and then back again. It’s both a cautionary tale of courage and cowardice and a battle call where the personal and the political shatter and mend each other. And THREE is a book of such beauty that it could change the world.”
—Derrick Jensen, author,  Endgame